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While there have been some industry events in person this fall, moving events online continues to be a necessity around the world at this time. Bottom line with having people in person again, there is a “duty of care” that event organizers must adhere to so everyone feels safe.

Nicole Bowman
Vice President of Marketing and Communications, IAEE

Our guests in this episode don’t do anything “normally” in our industry and it works. They were inspired to inspire with the Age of Conversation Summit, which was planned by ten event professionals (who were paid), and pulled off by about 100 volunteers. ALL IN SIX WEEKS TIME. Providing a forum like this for event profs to get their “virtual event chops” when they haven’t had the chance before was a gift for them and for the participants.

Liz Lathan
CMP - CEO and Co-Founder of Haute Dokimazo
Nicole Osibudo
President and Co-Founder of Haute Dokimazo

There are creative ways to monetize online events, and even make them profitable. Collecting money and being profitable are also NOT the same thing, and this episode of Inside Events explores the possibilities. There’s actually no reason for you to be giving these events away, and our guests Liz King Caruso and Scott Oser have both worked with clients to do just that! We recorded this show live during the Age of Conversation Summit, with about 40 participants on-hand.

Liz Caruso
Event Specialist, Consultant, Speaker & CEO of Liz King Events
Scott Oser
President, Scott Oser Associates

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Inside Events is a podcast for and by the events industry, hosted by Megan Powers in collaboration with Swapcard. Each month, we pass the microphone to event professionals with diverse perspectives, backgrounds and ideas. We aim to bring you industry news and opinions with our thought leadership discussions. Enjoy!

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