The State of the Meetings & Events Industrie with Key Leaders Annette Gregg & Christy Lamagna

In our first half we discussed news with Christy Lamagna. In the second half we met our guest Annette Gregg, who has many years of experience designing events, and educating event professionals.

Annette Gregg
Senior Vice President of Experience, MPI
Christy Lamagna
CEO and Master Strategist, Strategic Meetings & Events

In our first half our host Megan Powers, from Powers of Marketing, discussed the news with Christy Lamagna. Some big news was announced during IMEX America, including Event Manager Blog being acquired by Skift, and Annette Gregg (guest for the show) having started in a new position at MPI Global as Senior VP of Experience that week. MeetingsNet came out with a great article on how we can use neuroscience-based tips to improve your attendees' learning, which tied into a session Megan attended on Smart Monday at IMEX.

In the second half, our guest is Annette Gregg, Senior Vice President of Experience with Meeting Professionals International. Her many years of experience designing events, and educating event professionals positioned her perfectly for this position with  MPI. Annette joined Megan and Christy onsite at IMEX in talking about Annette’s transition from being Chair-Elect (volunteer) to being staff now. We also talk through the state of the industry, the role technology plays in these experiences we create, and about the priority being placed on “women in events.”